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Ahleuchatistas Press Release

Press Clipping
"An Ahleuchatistas performance can be likened to a fireworks display: it's flashy, colorful and every thirty seconds or so you'll find youself with your mouth wide open, mumbling 'whooooooa." Punk International (


The Frequency

The Frequency

The Frequency Press Release

Press Clipping
"The Frequency embarks on the kind of space rock journey not seen since the mid 80s. You can hear the influence of Duran Duran and other 80s throwbacks throughout this invigorating new wave album. Occasionally they even mix in some Latin-flavored rhythms to keep things even more interesting. I like 'Allnite' with its calls to 'move that ass'! Yeah!" Smother (

Pattern is Movement

Pattern is Movement

Pattern is Movement Press Release

Press Clipping
"The comfortable contours of pop/rock are deconstructed and spun into something otherworldly, and yet these songs are so organic that they can too closely resemble each other. Somehow, though, that only enhances the band's smoky mystique…” Philadelphia Weekly (





Southkill Press Release

Press Clipping
"Southkill is a guitar and drummer duo who write massively improvisational rock that experiments with what most would never dream of. Crafting walls of guitar fuzz and distortion not done properly since Sonic Youth's heyday, this New Zealander and New Yorker mesh the structure of the rock song with experimental orchestrations to perfection. What they create is simply magical." Smother (




Struction Press Release

Press Clipping
"Struction brought the sound and the fury. Tunes like 'Surgical Instrument' felt like blunt instruments' complex time signatures played impossibly loud and fast, overlaid with straightforward harmonies, were as lethal as any cop's blackjack." The Metroland (


NFI NEWS / April 23, 2004


Struction CDEP Out Now!

Bands Plan North American Tours

Jaime Meira Sonin
Dave Zeidman
David Podrid

NFI is proud to announce the release of Struction's explosive self-titled debut EP (NFI003). It's just now hitting press outlets across the US, Canada and Europe. Listen closely, you can almost hear veins swelling in critics' temples, keyboards being banged with a perplexing combo of fists and fingers, and papers crumbling as writers struggle at naming Struction's sound. Jonathan Takiff of the Philadelphia Daily News called the band, "a wall of howl", and The Buffalo News proclaimed Struction "alterna-core geniuses [who have] taken great strides toward marrying soul to technique, organicness [sic] to complexity, the romantic and sweet to the just plain ugly."

Three months after the April release of their self-titled NFI debut, kinetic noise-manipulators Struction will take to their van for a frenzied, full-blown North American tour. And these hyper-active kids won't just be supporting their debut, they'll also be releasing a fiery little Mini CDEP June 9th, Reverse Vampires Under Negative Rainbows. It was recorded by famed Trans Am drummer, and The Frequency multi-instrumentalist, Sebastian Thomson at National Recording Studios. Apparently both are big fans of Batman apparel and they must have a promotional deal with MoonAtMidnight. You'll note that both Trans Am and Sebastian are often seen on stage wearing Batman hoodies purchased from their featured Batman hoodie site. Not sure the role of the dark knight in their performances, but we've been assured it has more to do with what they consider lucky garb than a reflection of their taste in movies. A taste of this new gem, "DNA" is available in the sounds section.

Speaking of The Frequency, they'll be touring with Trans Am in May and June, followed by a full North American tour later this summer. Watch the tours page for dates. Stay tuned for news of Southkill2 and other exiting tidbits in the next communication.

Cheers, The Management


The Frequency



The Frequency have been burning up the interstate, waking the comatose at gigs in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. The band will continue to illuminate the east coast nite through early '04 -- break while Trans Am tours the states and Europe -- and then reconvene in June to tour North America in support of their debut NFI release.


Sebastian Thomson
Aaron Claxton
Jon Warnock
Rob C
Julian Thomson

Until recently, The Frequency had existed only in the hyper-active imagination of Trans Am multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Thomson. Now, on the heels of a decade spent churning out groundbreaking post-rock with DC cohorts Nathan Means and Phil Manley, Thomson's vision of a solo work meant to capture the vast cornucopia of his influences has finally coalesced. Fusing his post rock background with flashes of new wave bliss, pulsating Latin rhythms and raw rock energy, Thomson's created what he calls "a soundtrack to 'nite'."


 The Frequency s/t (cd/lp) 2004, NFI-004 / buy now through paypal.




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